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I'm Wakama Ene

I’m a Google Certified Lead UX designer with 5 years of experience that specializes in Interaction Design, Visual Design & UX Research. I'm also a Graphic Designer & Front End Developer. I have experience working remotely with companies in America, Sub-Saharan Africa & Europe. I have impacted over 10,000+ UX Designers worldwide with UX knowledge. As a UX designer at Borome, received 95% client satisfaction scores. At Cheeers I completed projects 10% before goals with 25% higher UX scores than average.

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My Skills

Here are some of my skills according to my specialties

Watch Me Design

Here is a short video creating a mock design

Project Description

Here is my #DesignShorts for FCMB Group App (a nice bank I've used for years). #DesignShorts (a term I coined out) is quick design thinking process to solve few pain points/problem statements in a short time.

Here is my Design Thinking Process:

  • Research (Competitive Analysis & Secondary Research)
  • Define (Created Problem statements)
  • Ideate (Added few ideas to make it better)
  • Prototype(Created Wireframes, Designed Information Architecture, Designed High Fidelity Designs)
  • Testing (Used Figma Mirror to test with users)

Certificates & Resume

Here is are my Certificates & Resume.

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